BOISE, Idaho — Gaston's Bakery is making bread the old fashion way. It uses three ingredients in the loaf bread: local wheat, sea salt and water. The bakery's owner, Mathieu Choux says it's important to keep it fresh and simple.

"There's more and more want for what we do and we've been doing the same thing for 15 years, but it seems like more and more people are excited about buying local wheat, local flour, local bread, and knowing what's in their product which is a biggie for us," Choux said.

Gaston's Bakery is mostly wholesale, but you can find the products in some cafe's, restaurants, and the Boise Co-op. The label shows his grandpa on riding a bike with bread in a basket.

"It tastes great, it's good for the local economy, good for the environment," Choux said. "It makes sense for bakery's our size, smaller, to mill your own flour, it's more complicated but I think it's definitely worth it."