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Eagle woman is the creator of one of the top food blogs in the nation

Natasha Kravchuk started Natasha's Kitchen in 2009, she now has millions of fans and followers around the world.

EAGLE, Idaho — Have you heard of Natasha's Kitchen? Millions of people have! The woman behind it, Natasha Kravchuk, lives right here in the Treasure Valley in Eagle.  

Kravchuk started Natasha's Kitchen as a way to share her love for Russian and Ukrainian food. Her parents were Ukrainian refugees. Thirty years ago, Kravchuk says they arrived here in America with five little girls and a stack of suitcases. She was one of those little girls, and she's now living the American dream. She started her company back in 2009. 

"We were looking for a resource to recreate traditional Ukrainian recipes because that's the food that we grew up on. We couldn't find anything, so we created a source, we started putting up family recipes, and it's blown up into something much bigger than that now." said Kravchuk. 

Credit: Natasha Kravchuk
Natasha Kravchuk is the founder of Natasha's Kitchen, she has been named a top social media influencer by Forbes.com.

This wife and mom of two shares her favorite family recipes, and people can't get enough. Her website, Facebook page, YouTube Channel, and Instagram page have millions of followers combined. She says she was late to the social media game. 

"I was a little more recent getting onto Instagram, but it's really been growing for us which is exciting. Facebook was late too, but that also blew up. We have over 4 million followers on Facebook," said Kruvchuck. "We also have over 621,000 subscribers on YouTube. and over 4 million visitors a month to our website, which is www.natashaskitchen.com." 

Natasha and her husband Vadim Kravshuk work together as a team. She takes care of the food and is the voice and face of the business, he does the video and camera work! 

Credit: Natasha Kravchuk
Vadim and Natasha Kravchuk are married and they are business partners. They work together to make Natasha's Kitchen such a success. She is the voice and face of their food blog, he does the camera and video work. They shoot their segments at their home in Eagle.

"We're just really happy and thankful to be able to do this dream job together," said Kruvchuk. "We create recipes and we create videos and we share them with the world." 

We caught up with her in her dream kitchen in Eagle, Idaho. The couple recently built a new home, and they shoot all the video and photo content for Natasha's Kitchen there. 

"All of our recipes and all of our content is free for our readers, and the way we monetize is through ads on our site and also sponsored posts. That's when a brand wants to collaborate with us, and feature their product in a recipe," said Kravchuk. 

The incredible success of Natasha's Kitchen has her thinking about what's next.  

"Right now we are talking about creating a cookbook. It's been the number one request from our readers, that they can have something to hold. I'd like to do that personally as part of my legacy," said Kravchuk  

Kravchuk says her family is truly living a dream. She is so grateful for all the people who follow her, and who have made her dream come true. 

"I've always had this dream since I was a kid, to be an entrepreneur, and I know that God gave us the dream of our heart and exceeded our expectation in every way," said Kravchuk. "It is just fantastic and I'm so thankful for it."  

You can follow Natasha's Kitchen on Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram @natashaskitchen. 

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