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9-year-old Boise boys honored for 'Free Flower Project'

Max and Miles Adams have handed out hundreds of free bouquets to strangers.

BOISE, Idaho — Two young twins who have been working to bring color and joy to people around their city have been honored with a national award. 

Miles and Max Adams, both  9, began the "Free Flower Project" back in August with help from their mom Rochelle. 

“Max and Miles came up with this really creative idea to take the extra flowers we have in our garden, make bouquets out of them and offer them to strangers," Rochelle said. 

After a successful neighborhood handout in August, Max and Miles decided this was something they wanted to do every week. The twins have given away 780 bouquets since then.

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“They have really giving hearts and they’re always wanting to help other people,” the twins' mother said. “The other part of that is they really do love flowers, they appreciate the beauty of them, and they want to share that with others."

The Adams family entered the “Free Flower Project” into the national A World of Joy contest in September, put on by Cost Plus World Market. 

On Sunday, Rochelle got the news that Max and Miles had won $25,000 for their “acts of service and kindness."

“My instant reaction was just screaming up and down with joy," she said. "I think I jumped on my husband - good thing he caught me!"

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The boys' reaction to the news was captured on video, with cheers and screaming.

“Let’s go! Yes, yes, yes! We won!” the boys yell in the video.

Max and Miles have big plans for their $25,000. The award money will go towards expanding the “Free Flower Project” to another location, expanding the project from its original home in their backyard. 

According to Rochelle, the new garden site will allow the twins to produce ten times as many bouquets as before. They have set a goal of handing out 5,000 free bouquets in 2021.

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“I am so proud that this idea started with them and it’s just so fun to see how big it’s become,” she said. “We’re so glad that Cost Plus World Market put this contest on. $25,000 is going to go a long way.”

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