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Boise designer: 'If you're on a budget, you can still create something beautiful'

Boise-based interior stylist and author Kirsten Grove is making a splash on social media. She offers design ideas for all, no matter your budget.

BOISE, Idaho — A Boise interior stylist is making a big splash on social media. Kirsten Grove is the face of Simply Grove. You can find her on Instagram, Pinterest and on her website. Grove says she has 250,000 readers daily across all of her platforms. That gives her an incredible reach. 

"I started my blog in 2008 and that was the year that blogs were the thing, we didn't have social media and I just started writing about design," said Grove. 

Grove has contributed to Martha Stewart online, Better Homes and Gardens, and more. She built a loyal client base, and started her design firm. What makes Grove stand out? She says she wants to make a beautiful home accessible for everyone, no matter your budget.

"I'm able to offer design that's relatable, I never want to make my readers feel that they can't achieve something," said Grove. 

Grove is also an author, she says her book is something anyone can use to improve the look of their home.  

"I wrote a book three years ago, it's called Simply Styling, and it's using items in your home that you already have that can make a big difference in a room," Grove said. "It's all about using what you have, if you are on a budget you can totally create something beautiful. It's easy." 

Grove is a well-known stylist in the Treasure Valley, but she also earns money on her social media platforms with sponsored posts. 

"I monetize, I have sponsored posts. I have worked with Macy's, Target, West Elm, Sherwin Williams, Benjamin Moore, the last 10 years I've been able to work with some incredible brands." 

Now, Grove is adding to her growing brand. Recently, she started a full-service residential and commercial design firm with two other designers in the area. It's called We Three Design Studio.

"We're really trying to achieve a way to offer design for all price points. We want you to live in a beautiful home, so if you just need us to style your living room, we can style your living room. If you want us to design your hotel, we'll design your hotel. We just finished a bakery in Hyde Park." said Grove.  

The future looks bright for this rising local design star. Grove says another book is in her future. In the meantime, she'll continue to inspire do it yourself designers to create beautiful spaces. 

"This is my passion. I try to really create a brand that wherever you live, whatever style house that you have, I want you to be proud of it! I am here to offer inspiration, tips, tricks, take them or leave them," Grove added. "You do not have to spend a bazillion dollars to have a beautiful home."