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Zoo Boise welcomes baby penguin to the family

Rose and Jimmy, the penguin parents at Zoo Boise, welcomed a baby boy to the world. Employees say the baby is acclimating well.
Credit: Zoo Boise
Zoo Boise welcomed a small male penguin to its family.

BOISE, Idaho — Boise Parks and Recreation's Zoo Boise announced its newest family member on Saturday: a six-pound male Magellanic penguin.

Magellanic penguins typically live in warm weather, such as the Falkland Islands in South America. Sadly, they are listed as a near-threatened species on the International Union for Conservation of Nature Red List.

However, Zoo Boise's newest addition has been monitored by staff since his birth and is growing quickly. The baby boy was born in late May to the zoo's penguin parents, Jimmy and Rose.

The unnamed penguin is Jimmy and Rose's first chick. The duo paired up when Rose moved from Sea World San Diego to Zoo Boise about a year ago. Jimmy lived at the San Francisco Zoo until 2008.

Employees said the baby weighs over six pounds and is doing well in his new home.

To learn more about Magellanic penguins and watch the new baby's gender reveal, watch the video below: