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A mule deer that fell into water tank rescued by Idaho Fish and Game

The abandoned water storage tank is linked to the old Hiawatha Hotel.
Credit: Leon Burman/Idaho Fish and Game

HAILEY, Idaho — A mule deer was rescued by Idaho Fish and Game (IDFG) biologists after it fell into an abandoned water tank. The incident happened last month in the Magic Valley Region after conservation officers received a report of the deer being stuck in the 12-foot-deep tank. 

No one knows how long the deer was stuck for, but the biologists were able to rescue it by darting the deer with anesthetizing drugs so that they could wrap it in a sling and pull it out.

According to a press release from the department, the tank was probably part of the old Hiawatha Hotel that was located in Hailey and built in 1885. 

After the deer was removed from the tank, it was tagged and given a vital check. Afterwards the deer scampered back into the woods with no visible issues.

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