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Galloping into the sunset: Mustang Mania competition horse reunites with the herd

We first introduced you to Kacey Widick and Sailor Moon when they competed in July. Now, Sailor is back with 10 members of her herd, including her mom.

BOISE, Idaho — This is worth checking out and may be the best thing you see today.

Kacey Widick and Sailor Moon were first paired together at the start of the Mustang Mania competition in March of this year. After about 3 months of training together, they competed in July and came in second place overall.

You can find the full story of their journey here.

Today, KTVB has an update. Sailor Moon is officially reunited with part of her herd, including her mom. This week, Widick took her to a ranch at the base of Aspen, Colorado.

After years of being apart, the herd is finally back together.

Widick said it was an emotional experience for her to see Sailor go and she will miss her friend. But she said that she is grateful for the happy ending.

Above is the full three-minute video of Sailor reuniting with her herd. 

Here are some highlights:

(:11) - Widick takes the halter off of Sailor and Sailor walks beside her, unrestricted. Sailor stays by Widick's side as they reach the middle of the pasture.

(:52) - As Sailor and Widick approach, the other horses move farther away, but even though Sailor is not in a harness, she stays by Widick's side.

(1:00) - The other horses continue to investigate, sniffing the air and inching closer to Sailor.

(1:11) - Kacey walks back to the entrance of the pasture, while Sailor stays in the middle and starts grazing.

(1:30) - The herd starts to move closer to Sailor as she continues to graze. They break into a trot as they get closer to her.

(1:46) - Sailor starts to run with the herd, and you can hear a whiny.

(1:53) - The herd starts to run together, including Sailor.

(2:15) - The large herd begins to trot together, almost in celebration of Sailor's return.

(2:45) - They continue to trot in the distance, into the sunset.

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