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Idaho Humane Society takes in 37 stray dogs from Louisiana

Louisiana animal shelters are overwhelmed after Hurricane Ida. Good Flights aims to relocate these animals to locations with medical and adoption resources.

BOISE, Idaho — Cooped up in a kennel, dozens of dogs barked in unison as they met the brisk Boise air early Tuesday morning.

"We have 37 [dogs], but who's counting?" said Erin Robbins, Good Flights' Pet Programs Transport Director. "This is truly a life-saving flight."

Robbins said six Louisiana animal shelters found themselves overwhelmed after Hurricane Ida -- and when there isn't any space or resources available to treat stray and abandoned dogs in need, the animals left behind may not make it.

So, the Louisiana shelters reached out for help through Good Flights. The Idaho Humane Society answered the call.

"We're hoping to get all 37 dogs adopted and give them the best chance," said Laurin Mavey, Idaho Humane Society Public Relations Assistant. "Typically, an animal is in our shelter for about 24 to 48 hours once they hit the adoption floor. So we have a great adoption rate and length of stay."

Robbins said Good Flights looks for a few key factors when selecting a receiving shelter. That includes availability, medical resources, and a strong adoption culture.

While Tuesday morning marks the first flight between Good Flights and the Idaho Humane Society, the Humane Society already takes in 1,500 out-of-state animals in need every year, according to Mavey.

"I hope we're going to start this being a monthly endeavor. That is our plan," Robbins said.

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