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Grizzly bear spotted north of Salmon, first sighting in area since 2020

The grizzly was photographed May 14 by a hunter's game camera. It is Idaho Fish and Game's first confirmed grizzly bear sighting in the North Fork area since 2020.
Credit: AP
FILE - In this July 6, 2011, file photo, a grizzly bear roams near Beaver Lake in Yellowstone National Park, Wyo. (AP Photo/Jim Urquhart, File)

SALMON, Idaho — For the first time since 2020, Idaho Fish and Game officials confirmed a grizzly bear sighting in the North Fork area north of Salmon. 

The majority of Idaho's grizzly population exists in the northern Panhandle area and land close to Yellowstone National Park. Idaho Fish and Game (IDFG) said grizzlies are not typically seen near Salmon. 

Young male grizzly bears may wander large distances into unexpected areas, but they typically move through the area instead of staying there. 

It is not known whether the bear is still in the area. The grizzly was photographed May 14 by a hunter's game camera. 

Homeowners and hunters in the North Fork area are asked to remove any garbage, animal feed and food items. 

In Units 21, 21A, 28 and nearby units, bear hunters should identify their targets carefully between a black bear or grizzly. There is no hunting season for grizzly bears, as they are federally protected in Idaho. 

Idaho Fish and Game asks recreationists to store garbage and food inside vehicles. Items may also be put in plastic bags tied high between two trees. The bags should be at least 10 feet off the ground and 4 feet from either tree, while maintaining 100 yards from your sleeping area. 

Bear-proof containers are another option for storing food. Food scraps should not be left in your tent or buried. 

According to IDFG, watch bears from a distance and leave them alone if you see one. Use bear spray if you are worried about encountering a bear. 

If a grizzly is spotted outside of the Panhandle area or near Yellowstone in eastern Idaho, report it to Idaho Fish and Game's website

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