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Boise cat struggles with diet after sneaking food from the neighbors

Like many humans, Chester Bartlett, a dignified orange tabby, has added on a few pandemic pounds.

BOISE, Idaho — The stresses of being a sentient being during the last few years have led to countless scores of people occasionally cheating on their diets. Some more than others, like one very tubby kitty in Boise.

Chester Bartlett, a dignified orange tabby, has certainly added on a few pandemic pounds after he weighed in at 31 pounds.

Bartlett's mother told KTVB that he was placed on a diet after he tricked the whole family and the neighbors next door into feeding him repeatedly each day.

Turns out the cat wanted second breakfast every day - and elevenses, luncheon, afternoon tea, dinner and supper to boot.

His mother added that despite his weight, Bartlett is a mighty hunter. 

KTVB has not been able to verify this.