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After living at the Nampa Airport for years, Major Warthog finds a forever home

"Warty" lived at the airport for four to five years and lived off of food local business owners gave him.
Credit: Boise Pet Photography

BOISE, Idaho — Thanks to a local dog rescue organization, a homeless pup has found his forever home. Major Warthog, yes, that it is his official name and rank, lived at the Nampa Airport for the last few years, and it took rescuers weeks to find him.

The Jan Dog Project said the Major lived at the airport for about four to five years and the nearby business owners have been feeding him. 

The organization said Warty escaped an abusive living situation before moving into the airport. They said that he denned down under scrap metal on the airport's property throughout the seasons. 

After living on his own for so long, Warty's rescuers weren't sure if he was friendly or feral.

It took 20 days for rescuers to set up traps, lures, and create a plan to bring in the dog. 

The Major was eventually caught and placed into a foster home, where he began living his best life. His foster mother took Major Warthog and gave him a forever home.

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