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9 of the most adorable #7pets on Instagram

If you need some cool cats, fluffy corgi butts, or some cute puppies in your day, we got you covered.
Credit: @shewhohikesmtns
Sarah and Emily of @shewhohikesmtns just adopted this adorable pup, Agnes Pearl!

BOISE, Idaho — Hey all you cool cats and kittens, welcome to today's brief escape from the disheartening and occasionally terrifying news of the day. In some very urgent but pleasant news this week, we have verified that there are some very cute pups and cats in KTVB's #7pets photos on Instagram, who all need to be shared with everyone.

While it is our duty as journalists to inform our community about what is happening around the Treasure Valley and the Gem State, we also recognize that everyone needs a break from breaking news. To help with that, we hope you can find some time to enjoy looking at some of the cutest #7pets on Instagram.

If you'd like to share your pets with us, make sure to use #7pets in all of the Instagram photos of them that you post. We frequently share both #7pets and #7spring photos on our Instagram account, so make sure to use those hashtags if you want a chance to be featured online and on-air.

In no particular order, here are 9 of some of the cutest cats and dogs of #7pets.

1.) @aussie.ruger

Ruger, an Australian shepherd, is a two-year-old blue-eyed charmer and has already won us over. And let us appreciate the bravery it took him to jump off that log. He inspires us all.

2.) @bradyandcharli

Brady is a Golden Retriever, Border Collie mix and Charli is Border Collie and we can confirm that these ladies are absolutely adorable.

3.) @jonwroten

While there are few cats in #7pets, we were able to find Felix and Blossom, who are two cool cats and best friends. Please make sure to share photos of your cats on Instagram with #7pets so we can share them on our social media platforms and online and on-air.

4.) @superhuskylink  

Link the Siberian Husky is going to turn two years old on May 15 so let us all wish him a happy birthday and hope he gets all the belly rubs that he could ever ask for.

5.) @schmidt.cece.the.corgis

By internet rules, we had to make sure to feature some corgis on this list. In our strive for excellence to feature some cute pets, we included some corgi butts as well. Thank you, @schmidt.cece.the.corgis, for blessing us with these adorable corgos.

6.) @cocoandluna_ 

If you have followed @KTVB7 on Instagram in the last year, you've likely seen @cocoandluna_  grow up from the cutest puppies to some gorgeous labs. They don't have a bad angle and manage to look cute and take center stage, even when the backdrop is some of the most beautiful places in Idaho.

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7.) @shewhohikesmtns

Emily and Sarah of @shewhohikesmtns added to their family with Miss Agnes Pearl just this spring. We want to thank the couple for sharing this precious pupper with everyone during these trying times.

8.) @myfunkfarm

Candy Funk of @myfunkfarm has married the beautiful settings and nature of Ketchum with their cute trio of fur babies. It's all we could ask for while we're hunkering down during the pandemic.

9.) @charlie_ron_adams 

This photogenic one-year-old Bernese Mountain Dog is clearly a very good boy and has a thing for snuggles and socks. Thanks @charlie_ron_adams for sharing your adorable pup with us!

Honorable Mentions:

The author, Devin Ramey, also has a new pup, Doug Makenna Pupcash (Yes, that is his full name). As an honorable mention, we present to you, Doug.

Dani Allsop, the producer of The 208, also has an adorable pup, Finny.

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KTVB's morning producer, Abigail Urbanek, is also a parent to precious fur-baby, Presley.

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