On Christmas Day, Old Chicago in Downtown Boise hosted its 15th annual free holiday meal for the community.

The Old Chicago on Idaho Street runs the event every year to give anyone in need a place to enjoy Christmas day.

Instead of writing a traditional story, in the spirit of the holiday season, KTVB's Joe Parris wrote a poem covering the special event.

The poem is best enjoyed read to the tune of "A Visit from St. Nicholas" - commonly known as “The Night Before Christmas.”

It was the day of Christmas in the City of Trees, a white snow blanket covering Boise.

The holidays can be hard for people with nowhere to go. But luckily for them, today there is a special gathering at Old Chicago.

"This is a great way to kind of open the doors and have one big happy place to come to for Christmas," said Old Chicago General Manager, Brent Giroux.

For the last 15 years Old C's has opened their doors on Christmas Day, so the hungry, and the homeless have a warm place to stay.

"Aw man everybody's in such a great mood the spirits are high," said Giroux.

When you get to the door you'll see a familiar face, greeting everyone with a smile is Bill Bones, Boise chief of police.

The regular employees here have the day off, so wonderful volunteers are operating the shop.

"I do it just because it warms my heart. There's people that when you come every year, you see the same people and it's good to be connected with everyone," said Volunteer Kristin Fitzpatrick.

Today many families are having a traditional holiday meal, but not here at Old Chicago -- instead a more Italian feel.

The guests smile and laugh, as they enjoy their meal.

"They are just so happy to be eating delicious food and be in a warm place. it's really nice," said Fitzpatrick.

Close to 1,000 people are expected throughout the day, but like a lot kids, 3-year-old Brady is most excited to see the man with a sleigh.

“Santa!!!” Yelled Brady.

Brady smiles with excitement as he sits with Santa and Mrs.'s Claus, his mom captures a picture to always remember that special Christmas it was.

"It's heartwarming for me," said Brady's mom, Christina Wheeler.

There is a lot to be grateful for on this special day, but as Christina explains she is most grateful to be with her family, she wouldn't have it any other way.

"Just over joyed because last year I wasn't able to experience that I didn't have a Christmas with my children last year and this year I am able to," said Wheeler.

The Miracle on Idaho Street, certainly a special day...

"it's kind of a fulfilling day, it's like wow, look what we did today," said Giroux.

So From everyone celebrating with family and friends….

A merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night.