Two women, both living in Canyon County, who have never met, are both sharing the same milestone birthday.

The two ladies will be turning 106 on Sunday and we wanted to find out their secret to longevity.

SeAnne Safaii-Waite, a Boise based dietitian, says by the year 2050, there will be over 830-thousand Americans that are over the age of 100.

“Centenarians are one of the fastest growing population groups in the united states and its because of the baby boomers, the baby boomers are the healthy generation compared to the younger generation,” says Safaii-Waite.

Safaii-Waite has traveled the globe, speaking with people from different countries who are 100 years plus.
She says something almost all have in common is their diet.

“Probably the biggest theme is that they all eat vegetables, lots and lots of vegetables, and they all have their own gardens,” says Safaii-Waite.

Reba Demond is one of those centenarians.

She turns 106 on Sunday.

While Demond wasn’t able to answer our questions, her son Donald, says his mother had her own garden and always made sure to serve vegetables with lunch and dinner.

“They eat local food, and I think that's really important, they call it genuine food, not processed,” says Safaii-Waite.

Fern Siple who is also celebrating her 106th birthday on Sunday says while she was never a gardener, she loves vegetables.

Her favorite is tomatoes.

Along with sticking to a healthy diet, Safaii-Waite says being physically active and stimulating your mind are key contributors to living a long life.

While Demond and Siple both aren't as physically active at 105 as they once were, both have regular visits with their children, something that keeps their minds active.

Stiple plans to celebrate her big say Saturday with family and Demond celebrated in July with her family as well.

Something that may surprise you, Safaii-Waite says almost every centenarian she has interviewed drank alcohol almost daily, usually red wine.

However, both Demond and Siple say they were never drinkers.