BOISE, Idaho — Boise State University has several galleries on campus where anyone, not just students, can apply to be featured and is a place for artists to display their work for the community to see. 

Dejah Devereaux is working towards her second degree in Visual Arts at BSU. When she saw an artist call for a pop-up gallery on campus she dove into it.

Now Devereaux says it's clear what she wants her profession to be: a studio artist.

"It's the first work I've ever done and let outside my house," she said.

She's being featured at a BSU gallery, located on the second floor of the Student Union Building on campus.

"So this whole series stemmed from an idea of wanting to be in the art world, but feeling really insecure," Devereaux said.

The body of work, made with charcoal and paper, is titled "Sketchy Somethings."

"All the titles are arch type titles so this one is the destroyer, and I have some named like healer, artist, student," she said. "So they represent parts of my personality that support me to move forward in life."

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Devereaux says she hopes others can see a piece of themselves, or someone they know, in her art as well. 

She says she has heard good comments and questioning ones so far, but she says that comes with the territory.

She is thankful to have the opportunity to display her work and hopes more local artists take advantage.

"I especially like spaces like this where it is a gallery environment, gallery setting, but it kinda hits people without them having to step into a gallery," Devereaux said. "For me it was always important growing up having art kinda in my face when I didn't ask for it, and so I think it's really important that Boise State facilitates stuff like that." 

The BSU Art Curator puts out a call for artists several times a year for multiple displays on campus. Students, like Devereaux, don't have to pay a commission to the university. 

Devereaux's work will be displayed until May 12, on the second floor of the Student Union Building outside of the Trueblood Room.

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