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Boise photographer highlights the importance of family in the age of social distancing

Daniel Rosenthal’s latest project “Porchraits” captures the essence of family. He hasn’t charged a dime.
Credit: Daniel Rosenthal
Photos from Daniel Rosenthal's "Porchraits" series

BOISE, Idaho — An Idahoan born and raised, Daniel Rosenthal made a name for himself in the photography industry in L.A. and New York, but is now back home giving back to the community.

Rosenthal’s newest project “Porchraits” was inspired by his underwhelming homecoming, where he spent 14 days in quarantine waiting to see his family.

“It’s a historic moment and so many people are not just struggling, but there are also many people thriving,” he said. “The amount of family time that people are having presents its challenges, but it’s also a beautiful time to connect and acknowledge what’s most important.”

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The long-time photographer begins his photoshoots by encouraging family members to do an activity they have been doing in quarantine.

“After that, I just shoot candids of them being families and hanging out,” Rosenthal said. “I’m staying 10 feet or further away, shooting with a long lens. I love it, it’s fun.”

Rosenthal isn’t the only one getting fun out of the project. He said families love it too.

“The ones that really want to do it, they’re so excited about it,” he said. “They like the idea of capturing this moment in time.”

Rosenthal has been doing all of his shoots for free.

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“Really I just wanted to create, shoot, and do something that hopefully contributes to the community that I want to be a big part of at this point,” he said. “People are donating money - I mean, there hasn’t been one person that hasn’t given me something.”

The photographer said he does photography for connection, and in a time like this, connection is important.

Rosenthal is also working on another project called “Coming Home” where he features Idaho creatives and recreationalists.

 You can contact Rosenthal and see more of his work on his website.