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Boise duo says getting mammograms at the Western Idaho Fair is tradition

"Take the bull by the horns and get it checked," said Georgia White, who has gotten her mammogram at the fair for years.

BOISE, Idaho — Thursday is Pink Out Day at the Western Idaho Fair. It's a time to encourage breast health and support, and the day is sponsored by Saint Alphonsus.

At least one duo has been taking advantage of the event for seven years together.

Georgia White and De Zborowski head to the Saint Alphonsus Mobile Mammography Unit parked right by the main entrance to the fair. It may seem a bit strange, but the friends say it's the best way to do it.

"You go in, it's air conditioned for one thing and it's nice and quiet, explains Zborowski. "You're in there person to person, no one else is in there listening to you, and they take down your information, insurance card, and you get the mammogram. That's it."

You don't need an appointment and we're told there's usually no wait. The entire process takes 15-30 minutes.

"I just tell every woman I know because I do have so many friends who have had breast cancer and it's something you have to catch early and you need to get on it and not procrastinate," White said. "It's a painless and quick process and what I like is the piece of mind of knowing your mammogram came back clean. Why not just take the bull by the horns and get it checked and be done."

The mobile unit is at the fair every day during the Western Idaho Fair.