4-H members from Mountain Home are trying to save a therapy horse. He was born with retracted tendons which means it's hard, and painful, for him to walk.

You can see 4-H members all over Mini's-R-Us taking care of their animals. There is one pony that gets most of the attention, though.

"I've been here since he hit the ground," said Realei Mills, who is a 4-H member.

Chance was born in April, and Mills has spend every day with him since. Theresa Bowman owns Chance and is a 4-H leader and animal therapy trainer.

"Chance was born with his feet back, not forward like normal," said Bowman. "If he had been a big horse they would have put him down, but because we were raising him for therapy we want to do what we can for him."

He had surgery at just four days old and was fitted with braces and a walker. He has since grown out of them.

"He got more strength in his legs but we have one more step to get him 100 percent," said Mills.

Chance needs a final surgery to correct his retracted tendons. The cost is $4,000.

"We're hoping by the end of the month to get this little guy fixed," said Bowman.

In the meantime, 4-H members like Mills continue his daily physical therapy and giving him lots of love. When he's all better the hope is Chance will start visiting places like nursing homes. He may even be shown at the fair.

If you would like to help Chance get his surgery at Idaho Equine Hospital click here.