According to TIME magazine, the world of Amazon as a shopping experience is greatly expanding. Not only can you get food, goods and technology, but Amazon is branching out into several other tech hubs. They predict by the year 2028 you could be buying many of these things, just at the click of a button.

1. Virtual reality vacations

You could experience the world through a headset - literally.

2. Smart TV's

Newer TV's might not even take up space! They predict some TV's might just be projections with the ability to interact with humans.

3. Prescription drugs

Medicine and health are two huge prospects Amazon is looking to delve into - including 3-D printing of many popular prescriptions.

4. Synthetic “humans”

Alexa might be able to deliver your groceries or serve you in restaurants by 2028. Plus, they are developing newer "robots" for health care, elderly care and more.