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Local brothers bring sweetness to the Treasure Valley

In this edition of Keepin' It Local, we're taking a look inside the Churro Bros food truck.

When you think of churros, one thought that may come to mind is the state fair. Why wait for a fair to enjoy it, though? If you're looking for a churro fix, I found a food truck just for you!

Jordan and Paxson Lee are "The Churro Bros." They don't stick with the simple churros you'll find at the fair -- they take them to the next level, with different fillings like strawberry, Nutella, chocolate, and a crowd favorite, dulce de leche.

The brothers don't stop there. They've also created what's called "The Horseshoe Bend," which is a churro that they form to look like a horseshoe. This churro also gets some filling, too, if you want.

If you thought the fillings were a lot, I'm still not done. They also offer a variety of ice cream flavors that you can get along with the churro in a cup or as an ice cream sandwich.

The easiest way to catch these guys is to follow their Facebook page.