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Keepin’ It Local: The force is strong with two local non-profits

Two legions of local cos-players are playing a big role in helping the community.

BOISE, Idaho — The 501st and Rebel Legions are a part of a global network of over 14,000 cosplayers that have a deep passion for Star Wars and the local chapters of these two ‘strong forces’ also have a passion for giving back.

“We do like to do a lot with different cancer walks, diabetes walks, things for autism. We like to visit the St. Luke’s children’s ward when we can. We just really enjoy a variety of other civic activities and try our best to give back to the community,” Micheal Capell, a 501st member, explained.  

The legions even go as far as creating specific Star Wars costumes to support certain causes, like a pink storm troop who makes appearances at breast cancer events.

In order to be a part of one of these legions, you must have a Star Wars costume and not just any costume will do. Luckily, Caldwell resident Micheal Capell and his wife are extremely talented at creating these get-ups, so much in fact, they lead the world in standards.

“I have the role in the legion for the whole world-wide group of being the legion membership officer. So I help write standards and help get costumes approved and kind of codify what is necessary to be a Storm Trooper or Darth Vader,” Capell said.

The legions passion for Star Wars and helping others is a perfect marriage to make a positive difference in any community….or universe.

“We have a really robust group of Star Wars fans here in the valley that likes to go out and do good and help others,” Capell said.

Perhaps it is all apart of that universal story of good versus evil.

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