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Keepin' It Local: Oracle Perfumes

Avoline Loudon, a botanical perfumer, uses essential oils to create a scent unique for each customer.

BOISE - As soon as you walk through the door of Avoline's business, Oracle Perfumes, you can smell the essential oils she uses to create unique perfumes for each customer.

Through her custom process, Avoline asks you to rank different oils on a scale of 1 to 10. She doesn't show you the name of the oil so you're not influenced in any way to rank it higher than an other oil.

She says through your choices, she can gauge your spirit. These were my choices: White Amber, which reflected positivity; the Pink Lotus oil, which reflects the soul's journey; and Honey, which reflects my love for a sense of community.

You can go through the customized process or you can buy a few different perfumes that Avoline makes according to the seasons.

Avoline says her main goal through making these perfumes is to not only make a scent that smells good, but also promotes emotional and spiritual health.

You can find more information on her Facebook page.