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Keepin' It Local: Crafters can find the best deals at the Reuse Market

The Garden City market is a great place to get craft supplies for next to nothing.

BOISE, Idaho — You may get inspired watching this week's Keepin' It Local.

We're taking you to the ReUse Market in Garden City where you can get supplies for projects for next to nothing.

Plus, you'll make a big difference by shopping and donating there.

"Well, the market was started back in 2006 by an interior designer and she was really frustrated about throwing away her materials and thought there has to be someone interested in using them," said Joanie Scofield, Board President, The ReUse Market.

And Scofield says a lot of people were.

What began in a hallway now sits on top of the North End Organic Nursery.

"Every year we've grown a little bit more as more people find out about us," said Scofield. 

“And I know you can't list everything here but give us an idea of what people can find if they come down," asked KTVB.

"We have a lot of fabric, a lot of sewing notions, things for quilters, people who make their own fabric crafts, needle crafts, stamping and scrapbooking materials, we have jewelry supplies, beads, yards, frames, tile, wood pieces," said Scofield.

There's also giftwrap, paper and fine arts supplies. And lot of "how to" guides.

"Craftbooks for, ya know, making your own craft, so we kinda run the full gamut,” said Scofield.

“Ya, you sure do," replied KTVB.

Joanie says "everyday crafters" come to the renew market, but teachers frequent this nonprofit the most.

"We have a lot of bits and things that can be used for kids with sorting, shape sorting, manipulation, things like that,” she said. “So, we get a lot of teachers, art moms from charter schools as well as high schools."

Students like buying products here as well because the prices can't be matched.

"Anyone wanting to try a technique and practice something new you can get the materials here to try it and test it out before you really invest in all the materials you might need for a particular subject," said Scofield.

And if you need some inspiration, the market, and its customers, can help.

There are plenty of pictures to check out.

"It's really inspiring to see what people come up with," said Scofield.

Not to mention all the materials getting a second home outside the landfill.
"When you come in here it's very clear to see just how much there is, and we're just one little small drop in the bucket trying to do our part to make sure we're not adding to the excess waste, and I think it opens people's minds when they realize, oh, that thing I thought was useless, somebody else might need and I don't need to throw it away," said Scofield.

The ReUse Market is located on the top floor of the North End Organic Nursery, off Chinden Boulevard near Orchard Street in Garden City.  It's open Thursday through Saturday from noon until 5 p.m. The market is also always looking for volunteers.

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