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Keepin' It Local: Meridian man serves up a good brew married with animation

Meridian man quit his tech job to brew-up a new dream.

MERIDIAN, Idaho — There are so many things that can make a coffee shop alluring. Many people enjoy the atmosphere and choose to gather there with friends or use it as a quite place to work. Others utilize coffee shops as a place of inspiration. But there is a shop in Meridian that offers more than all the above. Many would say, this shop is very…well…animated and is the brainchild of Meridian man, Tom Case.

Tom left his job in technology and started brewing up a new dream. He blended (yes, pun intended) his love of coffee and comics into one location, The Collector’s Outpost.

“You can sit back and have a cup of coffee while you read your favorite comic. To me, it’s a homey feel. I love the smell of coffee and the feel it brings. I figured, let's bring them (coffee and comics) together and see what happens,” explained Tom.

Coffee has been a side passion of Tom’s for some time, which has led to a very clear opinion on what makes a good cup, “It all starts with the roaster. If you have a good roaster and the beans have a little bit of oil to them, it’s going to make a rich cup of coffee,” explained Tom.

In addition to sipping on a great cup of Joe and reading the latest in your favorite comic series, you’ll also have plenty of photo opportunities.

“We provide an immersive environment with the pop-ups. People can come in and have more of an experience than just a normal shopping and getting a comic book. They can take pictures, bring friends, come back even if they don’t buy coffee,” welcomed Tom.

The interactive opportunities also include VR. The Collector’s Outpost offers a 360 virtual reality treadmill, “You actually walk to move the characters,” exclaimed Tom.

In addition to celebrating widely-known comics, Tom also has a focus on indie comics in his shop “Which are young artists trying to get out there and enter the comic world,” said Tom.

A wide variety of comics along with a good cup of coffee. Tom would say it is the perfect marriage.

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