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Keepin’ It Local: Boise Olympian Kristin Armstrong opens fitness and wellness centers

Olympic gold medalist Kristin Armstrong uses her experience as a professional athlete to create fitness and wellness centers for all. (Sponsored Content)

BOISE, Idaho — Idaho-based three-time Olympic gold medalist, Kristin Armstrong, put the Gem State on the map by taking the global stage in cycling. Now, she is hoping to lead the way in personal health and wellness by opening a series of lifestyle and fitness centers throughout the Treasure Valley called ‘Pivot Lifestyle and Fitness by KA.’

“Pivot is a gym, a fitness center, and is a place for everybody,” Armstrong said.

While the gym has many high-performance programs for experienced athletes to improve their skills, it is also a place that can take anyone from couch to fitness in a safe, comfortable and welcoming environment.

“You know what makes us unique is that everyone one of the programs we offer is with intention. When you walk into one of our studios to take a class, you’ll be talked to about why we are doing this today,” Armstrong stated.

The centers are also focused around a mantra personal to Kristin Armstrong: ‘Live for today, prepare for tomorrow’ and includes four pillars of focus for training: prepare, fuel, move and recovery. 

“I’d say most people are pretty strong in one or two pillars. What is neat here at Pivot is that we’re a community. We empower one another so you may be working out with somebody that is really strong at recovery and moving, but maybe needs a little help with preparing and fueling, so we can lean on each other here,” Armstrong explained.

Kristin tapped into her years of training as an Olympian to help develop some of the training programs at Pivot. 

“In our functional training room, every day we have a different workout and that is programmed on the back end by my physical therapist and my strength coach. Our coaches deliver the program that I was actually going through. When it comes to the cycling room, we call it the KA ride, every one of the workouts is written by me personally,” Armstrong shared.

While Pivot centers have many opportunities for competitive athletes to be challenged, they also have programs and training for someone who has never stepped into a gym. Kristin said that the most important thing to her is that people understand they are all welcome in her lifestyle fitness centers. 

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“We want to meet you where you are. If you are looking for a community, I hope you gain a community here. If you are looking for a program that is going to help make change, we can provide that at Pivot," she said. "If your goal is to work with somebody that specializes in nutrition, we have a dietitian on staff. There’s a number of different areas we provide and again, we believe at Pivot, we need to meet you where you are when you walk through those doors."

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