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Keepin’ It Local: Local artist collaboration is an out-of-this-world experience

Local artists donated time and materials to create a fully immersive experience called ‘Atlantis Labs.’

BOISE, Idaho — Atlantis Labs is the first art experience designed by “twenty-four-seventeen,” a group of artists who collaborated to create a walk-through piece of immersive experimental interactive art.

“Some describe it as a walk-through theme park ride, others call it a live action video game,” said Scott Schmader, Atlantis Labs co-owner.

The creation is one large installation that includes a narrative, interaction and puzzles to stimulate the mind, curiosity and of course…inspire creativity.

“Atlantis Labs is the story of a scientific lab in the 1970s who invented some really incredible technology underground, but unfortunately, the facility was on the verge of collapse. Someone was able to freeze it in a stasis field in the 1970s and it was left here for our guests to enjoy and explore and learn the secrets of Atlantis Laboratories,” explained Schmader.

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The journey begins by selecting one of three experiences, which range from a simple walk-through, to an interactive narrative involving video and for those looking for a challenge, solving puzzles in the form of an escape room.

Once you make a choice, you are then taken through an orientation about the labs, given a safety vest and hat and sent on your way through multiple dimensions.

“I am in awe of the amount of work that has been put in and the amount of inspiration that comes to me on a daily basis just seeing what other people have created,” chimed Schmader.

Inspiration that is truly multi-dimensional.

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