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Keepin' It Local: Boise bookstore Rediscovered Books reconnects you to the community

Locally-owned bookstore celebrates their connection with the community by highlighting local authors and instilling a love of reading for all ages.

BOISE, Idaho — Rediscovered Books…the name says it all. It isn’t your average bookstore, it is a mix of new books, older ‘rediscovered’ used reads, art, events and is an overall celebration of Idaho.

Laura DeLaney co-owner of Rediscovered Books described it as follows, “It is about rediscovering the things we love when hanging out in a world of books.”

Part of that ‘rediscovery’ involves getting to know everything that makes Idaho great…including local authors.

“We are a part of this community in many different ways, but part of our ways is connecting authors that live here with the readers that live here. It makes a difference, because where you are from influences the voice that you share.” explained DeLaney

Rediscovered Books not only introduces readers to local authors books, but to the authors themselves through bookstore events. “We do over 200 events a year, between in-store and out-of-store partnership events!” said DeLaney.

And if that is not enough, Rediscovered also has a publishing arm, “This is all connected into the idea of who we are and where we come from matters and so we have something called ‘Rediscovered Publishing” and it is dedicated to all things local,” stated DeLaney.

The local book store is also dedicated to instilling a love of reading in young readers with reading programs. During the summer, co-owner of Rediscovered Books and husband of Laura DeLaney, Bruce DeLaney, put on a suit of armor and dressed as a knight all while giving the reading programs participants a little gift, “Each of them was given a sword!  A sword pen, because the pen is mightier than the sword!” Laura DeLaney exclaimed.  A passionate statement about the power of the written word that gets right to the point.

Rediscovered Books is planning to open a second location in Caldwell this fall. 

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