BOISE — In Boise's North End neighborhood there are many who adhere to the adage, "Good fences make good neighbors." Confines constructed of timber and nails, or iron, meant to keep property, and therefore people, apart.

But for Becky Andersen's family and her recently relocated neighbor, Laura Fry, a fence just gets in the way.

This barrier between their two houses, built by the old owner shortly before Laura bought it, was broken down because their dogs, Ruffio and Phoebe are best friends.

"Since we moved in it's been, 'We gotta get a fence for these dogs,'" recalls Laura. "So it finally happened."

It happened when Becky's husband built a window two weeks ago, a fenestra in the fence, if you will. Now their window has become a periodic contact point for the Andersen and Fry families.

"I would say probably every day, almost," says Becky about her fence window frequency.

"Yeah, it's handy, just saying, 'Hi,'" agrees Laura. "These guys are great."

It's also become an important pass through when supplies run short.

"There was a tomato sitting here the other day," says Becky. "So, I came out here and got the tomato."

"You can have coffee creamer when you run out," Laura says. "Eggs when you run out."

But groceries and garden fare are just some of what is shared through the breach in Becky and Laura's boundary.

"I'm kinda feeling hungover without having drank, you know?" Becky admits to Laura. "It's just one of those days, I don't know what it is."

"Let me see your ring," Laura tells Becky

"My ring?"

"Yeah, I've never paid attention to it before," admits Laura. "That's really pretty."

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These days, with likes and follows and mentions becoming the main means of communication, a window may offer more of an actual connection.

"Face to face is, I think, more important," Becky explains. "I mean, that's where you have real relationships. On the Internet is kind of all fake."

Becky and Laura hope authenticity can make a comeback.

"I think we're having a resurgence!" announces Laura. "Because of the window!"

So, about that whole "good fences" making "good neighbors" thing, only if the fence has a good sized hole in it.

"No, good neighbors make good neighbors," says Laura.

"That's what the world needs," adds Becky. "Fence windows!"

Since posting pictures of their fence window on Facebook, Becky and Laura say they've had a lot of positive feedback. They are hoping it will push others to spend some time with their neighbors and maybe inspire some artistic touches to fence windows.