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Idaho Life: What are you thankful for?

We visited the Boise Rescue Mission's annual Thanksgiving banquet to find out what the volunteers there are thankful for this holiday season.

BOISE, Idaho — Volunteers with Boise Rescue mission served up nearly 2,000 Thanksgiving meals at two events over the last week.

The 17th annual Great Thanksgiving banquet is a big effort made possible thanks to generous donations and volunteers who help prepare and serve the meals.

Wednesday's banquet took place at the Cathedral of the Rockies on Wednesday.

"I love the holiday, I love Thanksgiving," Boise Rescue Mission president Bill Roscoe said. "Because it's an opportunity to take time out and really be thankful for everything we enjoy in this community and this great country."

KTVB photojournalist Kevin Eslinger stopped by the big Thanksgiving banquet, and asked the volunteers there, "what are you thankful for this Thanksgiving?"

Watch the story in the video player above to see their truly heartwarming answers.

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In addition to the banquet in Boise on Wednesday, another banquet was held last Saturday at College Church of the Nazarene in Nampa.

The Rescue Mission is also giving out holiday meals with a turkey and food box with all the fixings for about 1,200 households.

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