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208 Redial: Idaho's Roof Dog

In 1999, KTVB's John Miller introduced viewers to the neighborhood dog known only as 'Roof Dog.' Can you guess why he was given that name?

BOISE, Idaho — Editors note: This Idaho Life originally aired on May 10, 1999

On a pretty normal street, you'll find a pretty normal house with a not-so-normal dog.

"Most every day, the dog is there," said Harry Hans, a local mail carrier. "That's his territory.

Hans can't remember his name, so he's been dubbed 'roof dog.'

"He sort of makes my day," Hans said. "As long as he's there [the roof], and I'm here, I'm fine!"

So how exactly does 'Roof Dog' get on the roof?

"He has powers I'm not aware of," Hans said.

Turns out, it's actually just an open back door, a flight of stairs, an open window, two giant leaps and he's up on the roof, living up to his name.

"I'll look for him tomorrow," Hans said. 

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