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Idaho Life: Boise family creates a 'scary' neighborhood mascot to lift spirits during quarantine

The Bish family says "Rona" was born out of creativity, and boredom.
Credit: Bish Family
The Bish family of Boise has found a unique way of riding out the quarantine, while also keeping their neighbors entertained. They have placed a novelty skeleton in their yard and each day, they dress it in a new outfit.

BOISE, Idaho — We're all dealing with these quarantine days differently, either choosing to hunker down, hoping to avoid facing today's unknown circumstances. 

Or maybe you're embracing the change, taking something uncertain and scary and making the best of it.

If you're the latter of the two, consider spreading that spirit to the rest of your immediate neighborhood, which is exactly what the Bish family in Boise is doing. 

The Bish's say they began feeling cooped up - the kids couldn't go to school, and mom Annette was furloughed from her job.

"I went out to the garage to get something and I looked over and saw the skeleton and it just made me laugh and I thought, 'why not?'" Annette said.

For the last two weeks, "Rona" the skeleton has stood in their front yard, spruced up to be a little less scary in what some consider to be scary times.

"So I stuck her out with some gardening gloves the first day, and the second day she was in church clothes and then we're like, 'this is kind of nutty, we don't want our neighbors to worry about us'" Annette said.

The neighbors say they would actually be worried if Rona was removed.

"It's kind of cool, a nice way to connect," one neighbor said.

"Makes your heart feel a little warm of like you're bringing a little bit of happiness to this crazy part," Annette said.

So far, Rona has been dressed as everything from a woodworker to a war hero to a superhero.

"It was kinda hard because the cape kept just kind of draping over but it was a fun challenge," Jason Bish said.

Rona has gained so much popularity, both neighbors and strangers are now offering ideas on what her next outfit should be.

"Like people request Tiger King and 'Spaghetti Man,' so we'll have to get pretty creative with that," Annette said.

So how long will Rona be out greeting passersby?

"You know, we only have so many dress-up boxes and Halloween boxes to go through but we'll keep going until we can't, I guess," Annette said.

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