TWIN FALLS -- If BASE jumping is a little too extreme for your tastes there is another way to explore the Snake River Canyon -- by kayak, canoe or stand-up paddleboard.

Our kayaking journey begins at Centennial Waterfront Park, at the base of the Snake River Canyon in Twin Falls. Paul Melni with AWOL Adventure Sports outfits visitors with everything they need for a paddling adventure down the Snake River.

‘Kayaking and paddle boarding here at Centennial Park is really for all ages," said Melni. "Anyone of any age can go on a kayak. We allow those 10 years old and up to pilot their own craft as long as they have an adult with them. And we have life jackets that will fit babies. So we have full families that come out."

Exploring Idaho: The Perrine Bridge

From the boat ramp at the park, it's about a mile upstream to the Perrine Bridge. It takes us about 30 minutes. And once we paddle closer to it, the views are spectacular!

"It'll surprise you how many of our locals have never been down here, never even seen the canyon from this perspective," said Melni.

Part of the fun of paddling under the Perrine Bridge is watching BASE jumpers hurl themselves off the steel bridge 486 feet above you.

"We have BASE jumpers we get to meet down here every day from all around the world. This week there is a large group of BASE jumpers from Poland and South Africa," said Melni.

The opening of their parachutes sounds almost like pops of lightning from where we sit. Just a few seconds of watching them sail through the air before they deploy their parachutes. It is truly a sight to see.

"A lot of our customers that come through will say this is the highlight of their trip - being able to see this beautiful canyon and the waterfalls close up," said Melni.