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Idaho sorted into 'Hufflepuff' house

The Harry Potter world has spoken.
Credit: USDish

IDAHO, USA — The Wizarding World of Harry Potter has sorted the states into their Hogwarts houses, and Idaho is among the five states that have been placed into the Hufflepuff house.

"You might belong in Hufflepuff, where they are just and loyal. Those patient Hufflepuffs are true, and unafraid of toil," the Sorting Hat says.

In honor of Harry Potter's 42nd birthday and the release of the latest Secrets of Dumbledore film this year, Dish TV conducted a survey to uncover more of what the Sorting Hat would have chosen for those of us outside the wizarding world in all 50 states.

According the survey of Wizarding World quiz-takers, Google Trends was used to uncover that Hufflepuff was the most searched house in Idaho, and other states most-searched house contributed to their result.

The survey analyzed the quiz-takers sentiment towards their preferred house and which house they believe their state should belong too, as well.

According to the survey, the Slytherin house was the most searched Hogwarts house in 27 states. Sixteen states were sorted into Ravenclaw house in second place, and five states ended up in Hufflepuff, which included Idaho.

Besides Idaho, the other Hufflepuff states are Wyoming, Kansas, Arkansas and Vermont.

60% of respondents believed their house better matched their personality, the survey said. 24% would prefer to be in a specific house because their favorite Harry Potter character resided there.

For the survey, click HERE.

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