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Treefort debuts free-to-enter 'Alefort Lounge'

The Artfort and Alefort collaboration combines a beer garden with an art gallery.

BOISE, Idaho — Treefort Music Fest has become an annual call to downtown Boise, and it attracts more attention as the festival racks up more years under its belt.

With the tenth edition of Treefort underway, the festival continues to evolve with new venues. Also, even if you didn't buy a pass, you won't miss out on everything.

"This music is so loud, I could hear it from down the street," said Nathan Pascucci, who's attending Treefort for the first time. "I came here with my friend, my dog, and everybody else. And we're just walking through and it's a really good time."

Pascucci didn't originally plan to attend Treefort. But he's enjoying it all the same.

Free tents -- like the new Alefort Lounge -- are catching last-second Treefort attendees' attention. The lounge is a collaboration between Alefort and Artfort. It features six artists of different styles and techniques. All pieces are up for sale, with 100% of the proceeds going back to the artists, Artfort Director Izze Rumpp said.

"You don't run a festival if you expect to make a profit. That’s all I have to say!" Rumpp said. "We did a collab because who doesn't like drinking a beer, having a wine and looking at art? So, we had an opportunity to build it out, share this space, and decorate it with them."

The lounge is open to all ages and free to enter. The venue opened 4 p.m. Thursday and remains open into Sunday evening, Rumpp said.

"There's so many new people who have moved here, this is a great way to come down and explore the festival," Rumpp said. "We've been so lucky to be the cultural ambassador for the city of Boise."

It's a culture new Treefort explorers like Pascucci are picking up quickly despite this being their first year at the festival.

"I've passed by it many times while driving through downtown," Pascucci said. "People just wanna come down and have a good time. We just wanna be humans. We all live on this earth together, let’s be cool. You know what I'm sayin'?"

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