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This week in comics: New Mutants, Legion of Superheroes and B.B. Free

A comic I ended up picking up on a whim ended up being a total delight.

It's a new week which means new comics. Here's what I picked up this week!

B.B. Free #1

Author: Gabby Rivera

Artist: Royal Dunlap


I am highly susceptible to the covers of comic books.

Sometimes I know exactly what I am walking into the comic book store for and other times I choose things on a whim. "B.B. Free" from Boom! was one of those whim comics that I picked up because I liked the cover art. But surprisingly it was incredibly charming and lovely and I hope you pick it up too. It is about B.B. who lives in Gainesville, Florida, post the ravages of climate change. Florida is now an archipelago and B.B. and her best friend Chulita are starting their own radio show about being 15 and free.

In the world River has created for B.B., kids gain their freedom at 15 and B.B. is grappling with wanting to be free but maintaining a relationship with her father. B.B. is strong, fierce and independent but not without her own insecurities. This is a perfect read for middle readers.

Watch full review here

Legion of Super-heroes #1

Author: Brian Michael Bendis

Artist: Ryan Sook

DC Comics

Superboy heads to the future, the 31st century to be precise, to join an actual legion of super-heroes who all live together and seemingly away from humans. Us comic readers know from experience that this is usually a bad idea, so I'll be waiting for the other shoe to drop.

But Superboy is a personal favorite and he is adorable and likable in this comic as he should be. But a few questions remain: Why is Superboy in the future? Why does the one-woman counsel overseeing this new Metropolis seem like bad news? What is with all the things that seem to be connected that all the superheroes in the future wear? It's issue one, so we'll have to be patient.*

New Mutants #1

Author: Ed Brisson and Jonathan Hickman

Artist: Rod Reis


And the Hickman mutant-a-palooza continues. This past week both "New Mutants" and "X-Force" were released. I decided to talk about "New Mutants" because it had such a nostalgic cast of characters. It is Hickman's reimagination of the New Mutants team of the 80s.

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We get to see Wolfsbane reborn and see the new mutants in their comfortable habitat on Krakoa. There are plenty of endearing moments (see Magick and her love of coffee) to immediately attach you to these characters but the comic wastes no time getting into a thick plot. The mutants are going to rescue Sam -- whoever that is -- and of course, they get into a pickle. 

What do you think about this revamp of our favorite mutants? This has been quite the ride starting with "House of X" and "Powers of X." Are you enjoying it? Is it hard to keep up with?

Tweet me @hello_destiny and let me know.

*Author's note: Patience is not my superpower.

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