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Have you caught Baby Yoda fever?

The internet is losing it over Baby Yoda and honestly, same.

PORTLAND, Ore. — Editor's Note: "Why is the internet crying this week" is a weekly segment/article analyzing why the internet is crying (mostly in the nerd world): both the good and the bad.

Why is the internet crying this week? Two words: Baby Yoda.

He's smol, he's green, he naps and uses the force. Baby Yoda is taking over the internet and honestly, I'm good with it.

Now, let's clear the air. Baby Yoda, from the Disney+ show The Mandalorian, is not Yoda at all, as the show takes place after Yoda dies, but he is of the same species as Yoda and he's cute as heck.

There are some contrarians out there who want to say they don't find his imploring eyes and forehead wrinkles adorable but I know they're wrong. Why? Science! (And also I'm a know-it-all.)

We are genetically engineered as dumb dumb humans to find things with large eyes adorable. It's why we don't punt our own human children across football fields for being crying pooping machines and instead allow them to con us for many years into caring for them -- by the time we realize we've been duped, it's too late.

I believe the same thing has happened with Baby Yoda. We're all minding our business, enjoying a show about a bounty hunter (I actually haven't had time to watch yet, so no spoilers, please) and then we all catch Baby Yoda Fever. 

Are you in or are you out?

Oh, I forgot to mention Baby Yoda is 50, the same age as Paul Rudd. Chew on that.

In less exciting news, the internet was also crying about #StartAnArgumentIn4Words.

Here's my contribution to the hashtag: Episode I wasn't horrible.

Feel free to roast my hot Star Wars takes (including the fact that I like Jar Jar and also think Ewoks are cute) on Twitter. You can find me @hello_destiny. Start an argument with me in four words, I dare ya!

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Destiny Johnson is a digital reporter at KGW who is very susceptible to cute things with big eyes. She also reviews comics over on YouTube and would appreciate it if you checked that out. She says thanks. She's also writing this and thinks it's weird to be in third person.