BOISE, Idaho — Bill Krumm loves Idaho.  He's been filming images of our great state for more than 30 years.

Even better, he is proud to lead a team of photographers and editors that have well over a century of combined experience.

Bill first came to KTVB in 1991. An ISU grad with a background in news and documentaries, he was hired to direct the station's two on-going series Incredible Idaho and Exploring Idaho. For six years Bill crisscrossed the state capturing Idaho's scenery, wildlife, and outdoor opportunities.

In 1997, Bill transitioned to daily news as KTVB's chief photographer and continued to focus on special projects, feature photography, and hard news coverage. That's when he started shooting Idaho Life, the weekly feature series that highlights positive Idaho stories and characters. Idaho Life led to Bill's recognition from the National Press Photographer Association as a "Top Ten" TV photographer in the western states in 1998.

Bill left KTVB in 1999 but returned for a second tour as a news photographer in 2004. Brian Holmes was now reporting Idaho Life and Bill was happy to work on his favorite assignments again. Eventually Bill joined other KTVB alumni at Boise's Wide Eye Productions where he was fortunate to be involved as a co-photographer and editor of the Idaho-centric documentaries Idaho the Movie, The Rocky Mountain Fly Highway, Western Wildlife, and Idaho from Above.  

In 2017 Bill helped launch the Idaho PBS documentary series Idaho Experience. Now Bill has returned to his roots at KTVB to continue leading our excellent photo staff and to help deliver quality Idaho imagery to our viewers. 

Over the years Bill has earned seven NATAS Northwest Chapter Emmy awards, an Edward R. Murrow award, and has been honored to join station legends Dee Sarton, Doug Armstrong and Robert Krueger as an inductee into the prestigious NATAS Northwest Silver Circle, in large part related to the industry contributions and staff connections he has made while employed at KTVB. 

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