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How to watch the Olympics and the Super Bowl for free on KTVB

Antenna reception delivers the cleanest, clearest digital signal straight from KTVB’s transmitter and the very best high-definition signal - and it’s free.

Whether you have cable, satellite, or have decided to cut the cord, you can watch KTVB's digital channels over the air. How you get them depends on how you get television.

Antenna - Digital TV: you receive television over the air using an antenna and digital tv set.

Great choice! Antenna reception delivers the cleanest, clearest digital signal straight from KTVB’s transmitter and the very best high-definition signal - and it’s free!

If you have an indoor antenna, place it as high off the ground as possible and near a window or outside wall. If you have an antenna with “rabbit ears”, the “ears” should be extended about 18 inches. Position them so that the transmitter site would be between the “ears,” like the illustration:

To find the transmitter site nearest you, check out the map below:

Keep in mind that the signal diminishes with distance from the transmitter site, or if there are physical obstacles such as mountains or buildings between you and the transmitter site. If the signal is too weak for your indoor antenna, you may need a rooftop antenna, which can be purchased for as little as $20.

If you have a rooftop or attic antenna, point the narrow part of the antenna toward the transmitter site.

Once you have correctly positioned the antenna, connect the antenna cable to your television set’s antenna input. Using your television remote, prompt your television to scan for channels. You should receive digital channels 7.1, 7.2, 7.3, 7.4 and 7.5.

How do I rescan my television?

It can seem complicated, but it’s just a few quick and easy steps to rescan.

  1. Press the MENU button on your television or converter box remote.
  2. Go to SETUP or SETTINGS.
  5. Press ENTER, OK, or SELECT to start the scan.
  6. Some televisions may warn you that starting a scan will reprogram your channels. That's OK! Reprogramming your tuner is exactly what you want to do to access the upgrades and new channels.
  7. Once the scan starts, it can take just a few minutes or 15 – 30 minutes to complete. DON’T stop the process once it starts.
  8. At this point, your scan should be done. Many televisions quit the process on their own, with others you may need to select OK or EXIT on your remote.

NOTE: Some manufacturers have you use the LEFT/RIGHT arrow to access menu functions. Sometimes they throw you a curveball and make the CHANNEL UP/DOWN and VOLUME UP/DOWN double as menu navigation. It can be a bit tricky, but if you're familiar with your television remote, you already know this stuff.

If you need more guidance with scanning, the Federal Communications Commission has this guide to help rescan your television.

I do not see KTVB 7.1 after a rescan...what can I do now?

  • Try a “double rescan”. Sometimes the TV receiver or converter box will save incorrect channel information and will require a "double rescan" to restore the correct channel info. To do this, remove the antenna cable, then scan the channels. After the scan is complete, reconnect the antenna and re-scan the channel
  • Try to move your antenna around a bit. Just a little different placement can help. This website will help you experiment with tuning in over the air. If you need more help with your antenna, the FCC has this antenna guide.

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