Mountain View freshman making big strides toward Olympic goal

MERIDIAN -- One local teen is making waves on the national track and field scene and she hasn't even started high school yet.

"I mean I know I can run with them, it's just the thought that they are older," said Lexy Halladay, a freshman who will start classes at Mountain View High School on Monday.

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And for Lexy, that’s a common occurrence on the track.

"To go against other girls and just see how I stack up against everyone, I love doing those types of races," she said.

Halladay posted a time of 4:53 in the mile to take first place at the prestigious Simplot Games this past spring, competing against high schoolers from around the country.

That time would have earned her first place at this year's 5A state track and field championships.

However, she couldn't compete at this year's state meet because she was only in eighth grade.

"It's frustrating because I know I could be out there running with them," Lexy said. "It's kind of frustrating, but also I guess it's alright because I know I'll just get it next year."

So with Lexy too young to compete this spring, Borah senior Sara Christianson, who will run at Oregon State this fall, was able to take first with a time of 4:53.86.

Ironically enough, the duo are great friends and training partners.

"She's one of my best friends," Lexy said. "It's just nice to know that if I have any questions or thoughts about races, I can go and talk to her."

Last September, Lexy won the Nike Cross Nationals middle school race in Portland, and the phenom says she looks up to another stellar women's middle distance runner at the collegiate level right here in the Treasure Valley - Boise State's Allie Ostrander.

"I watched her in the Olympic qualifier and she did really good," Lexy said. "It was amazing to be able to watch her run in there with the top girls in the nation to go to the Olympics."

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And much like the trajectory Ostrander is taking to potentially racing at Olympic games in 2020, so too is Halladay.

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In fact, it's not too far-fetched the way the duo are going right now, to think they could possibly be competing against one another in the 2024 summer games.

"I hope so, that's my goal," said Lexy.