Nampa School District seeks $20M levy

One big issue on the November ballot in Canyon County is a multi-million dollar school levy for the Nampa School District.

NAMPA -- The Nampa School District has a $20 million supplemental levy on the ballot come election day.

If passed, the district would split the money between two years for about $10 million a year, and it would be broken into five different categories.

Technology for the district would get about $3.8 million

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"Technology is a big one, we did some technology updates a few years ago, and that is continuing to be on it," said Nampa School District Assistant Superintendent Gregg Russell.

Student activities would get about $335,000

"We want to make sure our students have new uniforms, new band equipment some of our theater upgrades, design some of our theatrical things," said Russell.

Teachers, staff, and current programs would get about $3.9 million

"Some of it has to deal with some issues that we had in the past," said Russell. "We had some positions we had to cut, so we've added those back, those are on that."

Those positions are namely more teaching jobs.

$950,000 for improving Nampa school facilities

"Facilities is another really large one," added Russell. "Trying to repair our facilities and keep them updated. It's obviously more cost efficient to repair than it is to rebuild."

About $350,000 would go toward district transportation needs

"We have a school, New Horizons, we are looking to add some routes to allow some students to attend that school and ease that burden from parents."

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Russell says if it doesn't pass this time around, it's back to the drawing board.

"So if it doesn't pass, I think we need to come back and reassess where we are at and possibly run it again in March and go from there and look at our next steps."

Election day is Tuesday, November 7.