Boosting Caldwell economy is top priority for mayoral candidates

Ted Brumet, a retired Army sergeant, is challenging incumbent Mayor Garret Nancolas.

Caldwell voters head to the polls Tuesday to cast their vote in a number of races, including the race for mayor.

Ted Brumet, a retired Army sergeant, is challenging incumbent Mayor Garret Nancolas.

"There were some things going on that I didn't agree with and this last year I decided rather than sit and complain about it that I would go ahead and run for mayor so that I could make changes," Brumet said.

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"I love my job. I love my city. I love people. I'm excited about the direction Caldwell is headed.It's fun to be a part of all the many things that are going on in this community. I's my home. This is where I grew up so I am honored to be the mayor of Caldwell," Nancolas said.

Nancolas is in his fifth term as mayor and wants to continue what he's started with downtown revitalization.

"The hotel site is ready to go, we have the new plaza coming to downtown Caldwell that's going to be an exciting gathering place for families and kids and events so that's a huge project for us," he said. "Also the new movie theater coming to downtown Caldwell.

Brumet also wants to see downtown continue to develop,but he says the city needs to try something different.

"There's an empty vacant lot," he said. "That's where the old Saratoga hotel used to be for over a year there's been a request for proposal to come in and have another hotel put into its place. Well, being that long and having no responses I think what we need to do is re-evaluate that piece of property and turn that into an area that might have more places for small businesses."

Both candidates want to bring in new businesses to the city while supporting the existing ones. The idea is to keep money in the city.

"Caldwell money, hard-earned money is actually being spent in places like Nampa, Meridian, Kuna, Boise," Brumet said. "We need to change that we need to provide more options here.

"If you're not keeping up you're going to get left behind we really have tried hard to bring industrial manufacturing commercial growth to the city because we want our citizens to stay here. So if we don't do our job of providing opportunity for live work play in the city of Caldwell, they leave the city and go to the rest of the Valley," Nancolas said.

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