Three candidates running for Nampa mayor

We hear from the three candidates vying for the job.

The race is on for who will be the next mayor of the third largest city in the state of Idaho.

Nampa Mayor Bob Henry is running for a second term, and he's being challenged by Debbie Kling and Melissa Sue Robinson.

This year's big topic of discussion among the candidates is how they'll handle all the growth happening in Nampa.

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"People think this is a great place to work, live, and raise a family. Now, we have to manage it. It's always going to be difficult, but I'm the kind of guy I will ask the tough questions. I want to get things done," Henry said.

"I like to say Nampa is what America was, but we need a vision with tremendous growth coming to our community. We need a vision and a plan," Kling said.

Kling and Robinson also would like to make Nampa a place where people both live and work.

"Nampa is not selling itself to major corporations that can come here and pay good money. We need to improve the tax base," Robinson said.

"The average income is just lower in Nampa. We need better paying jobs. We need our people not to have to be on the freeway driving into Boise for their jobs. We need companies to relocate in Nampa and we need higher paying, liveable wage paying jobs," Kling said.

Henry says he would like to build off of what he's accomplished in his four years as Nampa's mayor and help finish what he's started.

"We have some really important decisions to make in the next four years with the wastewater treatment plant, trying to come up with long-term solutions for the golf courses, our contracts with the police and fire associations," Henry said.

Robinson feels Nampa should change the way the six Nampa City Council positions are represented.

"We need to take four of those council people and put them in districts north, south, east, and west to represent those people, and then two of the council people you'll need to make at-large," Robinson said.

The mayor's race will be decided on November 7th.