Daredevil 'rooftopper' falls to his death from 62-story building

The 26-year-old was climbing the 62-story building for a $15,000 prize — money he planned to use in part to pay for medical costs for his mother.

An internet celebrity famous for causing hundreds of palms to sweat profusely died during a stunt to climb a skyscraper in China.

Wy Yonging, 26-years-old, had no fear of heights; rather, he welcomed the challenge of free climbing. Known as the 'Chinese Superman', Yonging died last month while climbing the 62-story Huayuan International Centre building in Changsh, the capital of Hunan province in central China.

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According to The Washington Post, video circulated of Yonging during his final climb atop the Huayan International Centre on November 8. In the video, he appeared to do a practice run for his last stunt, which included hanging off the top of the skyscraper with his legs dangling below him. Yonging gave it two attempts in which he visibly struggled to hold a grip for both of his feet.

Just seconds later, Yonging fell from the side of the skyscraper.

Although his death had been speculated due to a lack of new posts on his popular social media account, his death was not officially confirmed until Monday via his girlfriend, according to Sina.com.

Yonging, according to the South China Morning Post, was doing the climb for an attempt to a prize of $15,000 — money he planned to use in part to pay for medical costs for his mother.

5 On Your Side has chosen not to show the video of Yonging's death due to its graphic nature.