This is how much Americans spend on Valentine's Day

There's a reason it's the 3rd largest retail holiday.

How much do you spend on Valentine’s Day?

Well, on average, Americans will spend $19.6 billion total on “the day of love.”

The average American will spend $143.56 on the day and men spend 2 times more than women. (It’s about time, am I right ladies?) $ 3.7 billion of the grand total will be on dinner out. The average cost of that dinner? $170.53.

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If dinner out isn’t your thing, no worries. $3.8 billion are spent on chocolates & flowers alone. $4.7 billion is spent on jewelry sales for the 9+ million marriage proposals made that day.

If you’re single or just looking for a card for that special someone (or your parents – no judgement) you can be a part of the $849 million spent just on Valentine’s Day cards.