One of Eagle's 'Triathlon Brothers' receives prestigious national award

In January, 12-year-old Noah Aldrich won the Walter Camp Football Foundation American Hero Award.

EAGLE - In the summer of 2014, we brought you the inspiring story of Noah and Lucas Aldrich - two young brothers with a special bond.

They earned national headlines thanks to their team participation in triathlon competitions. Noah pushes and pulls Lucas, who is wheelchair-bound, through each competition.

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Almost four years later, and after dozens of triathlons - the story continues. Big brother Noah is now 12, and he has been honored with a prestigious national award.

Lucas was diagnosed with a condition when he was three months old called Lissencephaly. He can't walk, talk, and he has to be fed through a feeding tube.

"The doctors when he was very young gave us a prognosis that he has a 50-50 chance of making it to the age 10," said his mom, Alissa. "So we're happy to say he turned 10 in October and it was a huge celebration, because you really don't know how long he will have."

Through their young lives, Noah has always been Lucas' biggest fan.

"Lucas is really special," Noah said. "I care about him just as much as he cares about me."

The dynamic duo started competing in triathlons in 2014.

"I can't even keep track of how many triathlons we've done," Noah said. "I do triathlons with Lucas because he can't do anything by himself, I just want to give him those experiences."

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In January, Noah found out he won the Walter Camp Football Foundation American Hero Award.

"We were against people who had movies made about them, so we thought we had no chance," Noah said. "They messaged us saying 'oh you won the award, you are coming to New Haven.'"

At the star-studded awards ceremony, Noah told the hundreds of people in attendance about his love for his brother.

"We were so proud of him, how he got up there and delivered a very powerful speech," said his dad, Brian.

He even got a standing ovation.

"It felt really good," he said. "Just Lucas' smile is the best thing I could ask for, no award will add up to that."

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Back home in Eagle, Noah showed us the award placed proudly in the family room.

In January, 12-year-old Noah Aldrich won the Walter Camp Football Foundation American Hero Award.

"He's so humble and it's really all about Lucas," Alissa said. "I don't think he would do triathlons if it wasn't for Lucas."

His parents are so proud, and they live in the moment, hoping their sons will leave a lasting legacy.

"In the end we just want people to remember Noah and Lucas for their love and kindness," Alissa said. "I think the world right now isn't so kind, and so having that as a legacy of brotherly love."

Noah explains it simply: "Lucas is my best friend. I do a lot for Lucas and he does a lot for me."

To see Noah's complete speech at the Walter Camp Foundation Awards, click here. To see more of the Triathlon Brothers' story, follow along on the family's Facebook page.