Meridian boy honors his trash collectors

Four-year-old Harrison Ronk is a huge fan of garbage trucks, and the guys who drive them.

MERIDIAN - Harrison Ronk loves garbage trucks so much, his Halloween costume the couple years has been a Republic Services truck.

"Because they stink and I love stinky things," he explained.

The 4-year-old is also a huge fan of the guys who drive the trucks and pick up the trash from in front of his family's Meridian home.

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Tuesday is trash day for the Ronk family, and it also happens to be Harrison's favorite day of the week.

"I get excited and I love them very much," Harrison said of the Republic Services crew that visits his neighborhood each week.

On a recent trash pickup day, he did something extra special for his favorite garbage men - he nominated them to be Seven's Heroes.

For Patrick Lumaye and Edward Brouillette, this stop made their day.

"It's pretty awesome, it's cool to see someone who actually cares about what we do," Brouillette said. "Like something that small makes that big of a difference in someone's life, so it's pretty neat."

Kids like Harrison seem to be their biggest fans.

"They all love coming out and seeing the truck," Lumaye said. "It's exciting to see them coming out to see the truck, it makes your day to come around the corner and see them all excited."

On this visit, they came bearing gift for Harrison and his brother, including hacky sacks and bracelets.

"I love coming over here," Brouillette said. "This is the best part of my day, this cul de sac."

Harrison's mom says his love for all things garbage knows no bounds.

"Every present he asks for is a garbage truck, his birthday cake for the last two years has been
a garbage truck," Megan Ronk said.

The trash collection crew say Harrison is the best part of that Tuesday route, and they appreciate the love.

Someday, Harrison wants to follow in their footsteps and return the favor.

"When I grow up I'm going to be a garbage man!" he said.