Boise teacher inspires students to love music

Meet Chris Purdy, an amazing music teacher at Mountain View Elementary School.

It's that time of the year! Parents all over the Treasure Valley are going to Christmas concerts and holiday performances at our schools.

We have so many amazing music teachers here, and tonight we profile just one of them.

As you're about to see, when Mr. Purdy is around, you can't help but love music!

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He is our 7's HERO.

This is the musical edition of “Twas the Night Before Christmas” performed by the kids at Mountain View Elementary School.

All eyes are on the kids, or are they?

“He is special, he's awesome,” said Principal Curtis Anderson.

It's hard not to notice music teacher, Chris Purdy!

“It's just Chris, Mr. Purdy, doing what he was made to do,” said Anderson.

“I think the energy that I get from them brings out an energy in myself that's just organic, and it's something that just happens,” said Purdy.

His love for music, and for his students shines while he conducts. It's hard to take your eyes off him!

“It just happens, and there's no more joy that I get than watching a giant group of kids being successful and performing and loving it and having the time of their lives,” said Purdy.

“It's just a moment and an energy that can't be replaced by anything else.”

Mr. Purdy is pretty popular here on campus. Just ask his students.

“He's very fun, very wacky,” said Adrianna Steele.

“Very crazy.”

“He makes it a lot of fun.”

“It wasn't my best subject, but now that I'm here at Mountain View it really is,” said James Draper.

James says Mr. Purdy just brings a love for music out of him.

“Yeah, he really does!”

“That's what it's all about, that's the reason why we do this,” said Purdy.

Mr. Purdy says teaching is truly a joy.

“Every day, every day, there's never a day I wake up and I feel like ‘oh I can't believe this is what I have to do today,” said Purdy. “I take every opportunity to connect the world when I'm in music. Whether it be math or language arts, or history.”

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“I just want them to remember how great learning is! And the good feelings of being in school.”

He brings out the best in the kids - in band, in the choir, and at the yearly musicals and performances.

“The kids get a chance to be a part of something big, every single year,” said Anderson.

The principal at Mountain View says they are lucky to have him.

“Mr. Purdy is doing what he was born to do,” said Anderson.

“Let's give them one more big round of applause!!!”

“I think they can all feel very accomplished, when they produce something as large as this! Thank you!”

Chris Purdy, music teacher…

“I love it, I absolutely love it!”

“So amazing, so amazing good job!!!”

And our Seven's Hero.