A special night for Eagle teens at Sweethearts Dance

Inspired by her little brother, Holland Barker asked Luke Stephenson to Eagle High School's Sweethearts Dance.

EAGLE - Luke Stephenson is a popular guy on campus. A sophomore at Eagle High School, he's the varsity basketball team manager, and he just happens to have Down syndrome.

It was no surprise when he got an invite to the Sweethearts Dance last weekend.

"I was thinking who should I ask and I didn't really know who to ask," said Holland Barker. "And then I was like, I should ask Luke, why not? That would be so much fun."

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Holland dropped off the invitation on his porch as a surprise for Luke. He responded with a video accepting the dance invite.

"He loves music, loves dance, that's a huge part of his life," said his mom, Angie Stephenson.

Holland has quite a story herself. Her little brother Kean is her inspiration.

"He was a surprise, and when he was born he had Down syndrome," she said. "When he was almost three he was diagnosed with cancer.

"He's able to go through anything," she added. "And him being such a good example to myself and my siblings, I can go through anything also."

Kean is why is asking Luke to the dance has extra special meaning to her.

"I just hope that someday, when my brother Kean is old enough, someone will ask him to a dance also," Holland said. "They are just normal kids, they are amazing."

Holland and Luke had a ball at the dance. From taking photos with their friends, to cutting a rug on the dance floor.

Luke Stephenson and Holland Barker at Eagle High School's Sweethearts Dance.

Luke's mom says it's easy to see how loved he is at Eagle High.

"That has been one of the sweetest parts for us as parents [of a special needs child], you never know, especially when they come to high school, how they will be treated, how they'll be accepted," Angie said.

It was a night to remember. Not just for them, but for everyone who hit the dance floor with them.

"I just hope I can be a good example to other people," Holland said.