7Cares Idaho Shares: Salvation Army

Your donations to 7Cares Idaho Shares helps the Salvation Army get food and resources to those that need it most.

It’s the season of giving, and one of the highlights of the year is coming up on Saturday with 7Cares Idaho Shares.

The annual event raises money and food for those who are most vulnerable in our community, especially during the cold winter months.

One of the beneficiaries of 7Cares Idaho Shares is the Salvation Army. The food donated on Saturday will help a lot of people.

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The Salvation Army helps feed thousands of Idahoans throughout the year, because sometimes in life everyone needs a little bit of help.

“In the past few years I've gotten toys from Salvation Army, I've gotten food from Salvation Army, I took a cooking class from them,” said Rebecca Weiss, a recipient of Salvation Army services.

As Rebecca explains, the Salvation Army is a great resource for her and others in times of need.

"If we can't go to Salvation Army or somewhere else for help then you are kind of in your own world trying to figure things out," said Weiss.

Things like putting food on the table for those special holiday meals. The food pantry is one of the Salvation Army's most used resources for those in need across Ada County.

Without the food pantry, some families would be forced to go without enough food.

"It would be horrible, I wouldn't have a lot of food in my home," said Weiss.

The Salvation Army is popular for its food bank, but they help families with much, much more. For example, when back to school season kicks off, the Salvation Army jumps into action.

"It helped my kids to get backpacks and school supplies for the year to start out, so it was really helpful,” said Weiss.

As the year comes to an end, the Salvation Army is able to offer special programs like the yearly coat drive and Toys for Joy, a mission to make sure every kid get a great gift for the holidays.

"It's the small things that count, being able to come in and pick out presents for children, it's amazing," said Weiss.

Those examples only highlight a fraction of what the Salvation Army does for those in need, but everything they do comes down to one thing.

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"Without the communities support both their volunteer time their financial support and their hard donations we wouldn't be able to do anything we do," said Wendy Wong, Family Services Director for the Salvation Army.

Wong says the help they receive through 7Cares Idaho Shares makes sure all their programs continue to run.

"Even though the need increases every year we are able to meet it with the same standard we met it with before and know we are making a difference and doing the most good in our community," said Wong.

The Salvation Army says your donations make sure families are getting what they need and also a little extra to make the holidays special.

"We provide a great Christmas for kids here at the Salvation Army, said Wong. "Parents get to shop for the toys that suit their kids the best."

For families in need, this time of year can be really tough, but for families like Rebecca's the Salvation Army helps to make it a special time.

"Sometimes I don't want to come to the food bank or come to the Salvation Army for help, in the long run we all need a helping hand," said Weiss.

Be sure to join us this Saturday for 7Cares Idaho Shares Day.

You can make a cash or food donation between 7 a.m. and 1 p.m. at Albertsons Stadium, or at one of the 8 Fred Meyer stores or 28 Albertsons stores in the Treasure Valley and Twin Falls.

For more on 7Cares Idaho Shares or to donate online, checkout our event guide.