7Cares Idaho Shares: Jubilee House

The 12-month long program helps women struggling with addiction.

This holiday season we hope you will help us in giving to families in need.

And the perfect opportunity to do just that is coming up Saturday with 7Cares Idaho Shares.

The annual event raises money and food for those who are most vulnerable in our community, especially during the cold winter months.

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One of the beneficiaries of 7Cares Idaho Shares is the Jubilee House in Twin Falls, a recovery home for women dealing with addiction.

"Before I got here I was lost, I had no self-esteem, I was depressed, I was very insecure about myself, I had a problem with alcohol," said Natalie.

"The doctor said ‘if you don't stop drinking, you are going to die,’" said Alyson.

Natalie and Alyson had both gotten to the point in their lives where alcohol had more than taken over. For both of them though, finding the Jubilee House was the answer to getting sober.

"Out of the blackest hole of my life came the brightest light, and I was not expecting it," said Alyson.

The Jubilee House is a 12-month, faith-based program that helps women struggling with alcohol and drug addiction. They live here together, learning and growing towards the goal of putting their lives on a new track.

"It's what I needed, I needed a long period of time to get my life together, to get my thoughts together, to get sobriety," said Natalie.

Over the past 10 years dozens of women have graduated from this house and gone on to live life with a new meaning.

"I like to see miracles so I like hanging out here, this is where miracle happen," said Barbie Danson.

Longtime volunteer Barbie Danson says watching these women piece their lives back together is amazing.

"What we do is we give them tools and skills, so when they leave the house they are better prepared to live their lives," said Danson.

The Jubilee House is nonprofit that doesn't receive any government funding. Because of that the women living here, recreating their lives, rely mostly on community support.

Support like 7Cares Idaho Shares.

"On Cares Day, I've been there for the last few years, and I'm almost in tears watching the people that come through, the little kids, older people even just a little bag, this is all I can give, it's like you don't know how you've blessed us," said Danson.

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It's that support from the community that helps keep these women pushing when life gets tough.

"Oh my God, people care you know? It doesn't matter my background, it doesn't matter anything, they just care right now," said Alyson.

Without the communities’ support, things here would be very different.
"They are truly the people that have kept us alive here and kept this place going, and without their support this place would not exist, so I really want to send out a big thank you," said Alyson.

"There is no words to express how thankful I am, my life depended on the community, I want to thank them in Twin Falls," said Natalie.

Again, 7Cares Idaho Shares is Saturday, Dec. 9.

Donations will be accepted from 7 a.m. to 1 p.m. at 29 Albertsons locations, eight Fred Meyer stores, and the Albertsons Stadium parking lot at Boise State University.

For full details on 7Cares Idaho Shares, check out our event guide.